Les classiques sont magnifiques!

Since you last heard from me we haven’t travelled terribly far in terms of distance, but we’ve been to some interesting places. From Les Calanques we headed to Les Porquerolles, a georgeous group of small islands just south of Toulon. The islands are a designated nature reserve, so relatively unspoilt, with lots of lovely walks and beautiful beaches. We arrived just in time for the Porquerolles Classique, a regatta where 40 classic yachts were racing, including the two Fife-designed  “Moonbeam IV” (32m) and “Mariska” (27m), plus one of the other Moonbeams. Unfortunately it was a bit of a gloomy day with not much wind, but still a spectacle none the less. Acrospire would have held her own very well amongst such esteemed company. Sorry for the excess of boat shots, but I just couldn’t help myself.

The next stop was St Tropez. Made famous in the 50’s when they shot a film there starring Bridgette Bardot, but amazingly it has still managed to maintain a lovely small-town feel. No massive high-rise developments and a sense of maritime history of which they are very proud. In many ways it’s a bit of a dichotomy. Around the corner from the superyachts was a little bay with local boats bobbing about, whilst just along the coast were the serious French villas. Apparently an Iranian buyer recently purchased one based solely on drone footage, without visiting it first. And still, a popular pastime in the local square is petanque, played daily by young and old alike. The population increases ten-fold and prices triple in the high season so we were glad to be just ahead of the curve. Notwithstanding that there were some seriously big super yachts on the town quay, but alas no Paris Hilton table-top dancing at a beach bar. It was interesting at sundown watching all the passersby (us included) gawking at the punters having drinkies on the superyachts. To give you an idea of scale the second last image for this post has 3 yachts. The tiny yacht on the right is an Oyster 57′. God only knows how big the one on the left is!

From there we headed to Ile Ste Marguerite, part of Iles de Lerins group, just south of Cannes. We anchored overnight in a bay near the fort where the mysterious “man in the iron mask” was held prisoner in the 17thC. His identity has never been revealed and theories abound as to who he was: the illegitimate son of Louis XIV, Louis’s twin brother, a black sheep of the nobility and so on. We’ve been moving along the coast so will hopefully be able to do another update before we head off to Corsica. Hoping all is good with you & yours. Please send news!













8 thoughts on “Les classiques sont magnifiques!

  1. Very jealous. Its too cold here, but I heard you have had visitors from Melbourne. David even bumped into Petie on his way back to Aus, so the Reverie crew are stalking him.

  2. Hi Kate and Adrian
    I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog and viewing your excellent photos
    So pleased to see that the trip you have planned for so long is all going to plan
    Kate, you could always get a job writing for Lonely Planet !
    I had fully intended to catch up with you guys some time in June or July…instead
    I have surprised even myself by going back to work.!
    I have joined Austock Life on a 4 day a week basis and am thoroughly enjoying it.
    We enjoyed a lovely lunch on Fri at Scopri….four members were absent but had some interesting guests.
    Enjoy every moment

  3. What a fabulous time. Seems amazing from a rainy weekend in Sydney. Australia is through to Brazil 2014 for the soccer world cup, but Wallabies beaten by the Lions last night in the first of three matches. Looking forward to sailing in QLD next week.
    Jenny and Hugh

  4. Hi Kate,

    It’s 9.40pm Monday evening. I’m at Jennifer’s minding Stitch for a week or so. J and the children flew to Bali early this morning – very timely because, as you’ll have already heard, we are experiencing temperatures not unlike typical Christchurch winter temperatures and even lower but without the biting southerlies! I cycled on the Beach Road yesterday at 07:30 and it was 2 degrees!!! It was the last chance to ride with one of my regular cycling buddies before he and two others depart for France tomorrow evening “pour le Tour!”. I have thoroughly enjoyed your travelogue thus far and especially your photos. I just need to find a map and get acquainted with where some of the places you have visited are actually located! Would that be LOKI in the first photo – second from the left and just left of centre in the image?? Happy adventures and keep fit! Tony x

    1. Good to hear from you Tony. We’ve heard it’s been a little chilly in Melbourne lately. No, Loki didn’t feature in that image. We’ve been lucky enough to get a marina berth whenever we’ve wanted one so far. We are currently in Monaco and plan to head off to Corsica tomorow, so with any luck we might get to see some of “Le Tour”. Hope you are well. Kate

  5. Bonjour Katie and Fitzy! Love your blog – having a little glass of white wine and immersing in your colourful descriptions of lands far away. Feeling like we are on board with you! Your photos are stunning and an artistic vision of your travels. Love to see photos of YOU please! Lots happening back home. Mark had a fall and broke a couple of ribs – big black bruising across his midriff and lots of pain. We are not as agile and young as we used to be! School hols at the moment. Wailting for the snow to fall so we can do some face plants. Alas very cold temps, but little moisture, so slow start to the snow season. Juliar and Ruddy are keeping us entertained- not much longer till 14 Sept – should be a fun day. Looking forward to next blog instalment. Stay well. Lots of hugs and kisses.

    1. Oh Tony! That’s terrible news about Mark. Dare I ask what he was doing at the time? Not too many face-plants in the snow for him for a while. When I read out your comment to Fitzy he said: “tell Markie that laughter’s the best medicine. Cruel isn’t he? Can’t say we’re really missing all the election hype. Hope you and the girls are well.

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