Cliffhanger in Limbo Land

cliffs, Christchurch, New Zealand, earthquake, damage, kate mccombie

As we rapidly approach Christmas spare a thought for those people in Christchurch living in cracked, damaged and “munted” houses who still don’t know if their property will be repaired, rebuilt or outright demolished. The size of the task of evaluating all the “orange-stickered” houses must be so enormous that it is taking forever. Nearly ten months after the earthquake and there is still much uncertainty. I can only imagine how frustrating that must be. This property would have been red-stickered long ago (click on the image to enlarge). Once valuable real estate now worthless. You can see the foundations of what once was a pool, never to be swum in again.

The images below give a sense of both the frustration felt by the people of Christchurch, but also of their ingenuity and resiliance in the face of adversity. Just how many uses can you find for a shipping container? Holding up a Basilica, creating a shopfront window, protecting roads from rock falls, to name but a few.

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