Back on the water

 Having enjoyed the generous hospitality of family in London we’re now in Gibraltar. Yesterday we spent most of the day aboard ship waiting to unload “Loki”. They had eleven yachts onboard surrounded by containers, stacked in like sardines. They started unloading a soon as they reached port on Monday afternoon, exactly eight weeks since leaving Brisbane. We went down for a quick look after she arrived, happy to see Loki in one piece.

There’s a small army of people involved in the unloading.  It was interesting watching them at work. We were the last boat off yesterday. There were a few nervous moments as they were lifting her off her cradle. The loadmaster said: “When we lift don’t be concerned if she lurches forward. That’s deliberate to keep her clear of the container behind”. Except she went back!!! We watched slightly open-mouthed as 15 tonne of yacht nudged into the container at her stern a couple of times. Luckily some well-placed fenders prevented any damage to the transom.

We’re now at Queensway Quay Marina, where we’ll spend a few days doing maintenance and odd-jobs. As I write this Fitzy is on deck madly hosing. “Salt is the enemy!” The weather’s starting to warm up, but we’d like to spend some time in Morocco before we venture north from here. The plan is to leave the boat here whilst we go south. We’ll probably then sail from here early May.

Hope all is good back home. Please don’t forget to comment or email us with any news.

13 thoughts on “Back on the water

  1. All looks very exciting Kate..I am sure Fitzt will have her back to her usual sparlking self before long. Heading to NZ this weekend to celebrate a surprise 70th

  2. SOOO lovely to have you here – far too short! good luck with it all and send some pics. Did you need any Morocco tips?
    Martine xx

  3. Hi Kate,

    It’s great to hear that “Loki” and you all made it safely to Gibraltar. I think that most people who spend their time around boats have a fascination with ships – even without the personal interest that you both had! Were there any differences in how the wharf crews worked compared to Australia?

    Hope you enjoyed you time in London, unfortunately not the best weather during your trip but I expect it would have been fun nonetheless.

    Well we have our first Sierra Chainsaw practice session on Saturday for some weeks so I expect everyone will be quite rusty but it will be nice to see everyone again. We will miss having your steady hands in the trimming!

    Best wishes to you and Fitzy as you embark on your next adventures.

    Cheers, Sue

  4. Kate/Fitzy, great news I’m so glad LOKI is undamaged, it must have been an anxious moment when she tilted back, I completely understand your feelings at the time, I’m always the same when the travel lift picks up the good ship Chainsaw. All is good with us, we have sprints \this Saturday then the following week the States’.
    I really envy you two!


  5. I am horrified to see the appalling state of the hull. Fitzy should be ashamed of himself, how it was ever allowed into the Med is beyond my comprehension.

    That aside, great to see all landed safely and in otherwise fantastic condition. Looking forward to further posts

  6. Hi Katie and Fitzy, woo hoo – we’re off on another amazing adventure. So pleased that Loki is undamaged after her birth into Mediterranean waters. It must have been quite gruelling watching her being swung around in mid air. Thankfully she is safely afloat and awaiting her next instructions! Enjoy Morrocco – I can smell all the spices in the markets now. Stay safe and we look forward to updates on your adventures across the other side of the world. Mark and Toni xxx

  7. G’day Kate and Fitzy,
    Glad to learn that you’ve been reunited with an intact LOKI. No more backward, lurching movements from here on, hopefully!
    It’s cool, grey, damp and dismal here in Melbourne today. I think we might have witnessed summer’s last breath last evening. I was on Black Rock Beach on my way home from work. It could not have been more magical. Enjoy your forthcoming Moroccan odyssey. Who will be the first to utter “Here’s looking at you, kid”? 😉 Best wishes.

  8. Thanks Katie, that’s great news

    Good to hear Fitzy has learn’t about fenders on the transom. If he worked out a magazine down the back of his school shorts at Burke Hall many years ago would have helped in life, he would have (not “ov”) worked out that getting the strap most days would have hurrt his bum less

    Have a ball and keep messing around in boats! x

  9. Good to see the Good ship Loki is safe and well back in our old stomping ground of Gib.
    Fitzy knows all the good bars and dont forget it is a duty free port so stock up
    Tell Fitzy I won my first Grand Masters sailing event last week so he is free to address me as master from now on.
    Tim from Yoti was chasing Fitzy the other day I think he has a hundred footer for sale or so Arab/Chinese as a buyer for Loki
    Be safe and enjoy


  10. Katie, be careful in Morocco. Mishy almost ended up as a white slave back in the early 70’s. Luckily, her Kiwi chaperone that she was travelling with set a price of 10 camels which the local Arab tribesmen thought was too high.

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