Time for home…..

Is it a curse or a delight that you can still find places on the planet where there is no wi-fi? I guess it can be both. We found a lovely spot in Gokova Korfezi where there was no internet, but of course when you sail around the corner and you get it back you can “like” Ali’s restaurant on Facebook. It seems everyone is connected these days. I have to say, I rather did like the setting there with the day bed, although I didn’t get to try it out.

In another bay, no internet, but freshly baked bread delivered to your yacht. Gotta love that!

After leaving Gokova Gulf we spent a bit of time back in Hisaronu Gorfezi, a good place to go when the meltemi is having a bit of a roar. We decided to go for a couple of scuba dives, which was good, but it did makes us appreciate how lucky we are with the Great Barrier Reef right on our doorstep back home. Our two dive masters were great guys and loved hamming it up.

Around the Bodrum area is the home of the gulet builders. We have seen a number of them under full sail this year, very majestic but you can imagine they might be a bit of a handful in a breeze. We even saw the makings of a gulet in the pumpkin patch. They build them everywhere!

Some images from around Hisaronu Korfezi…..

we’ve been lucky not to have too many anchoring issues, but we did pick up a doosey in our final up-anchor, some sort of large, heavy “SLOW DOWN” buoy (sunken). Managed to extricate ourselves quite easily, which was a relief. There really is an awful lot of “stuff” down there.

We’ve been back at Didim for the last week packing up & winterising Loki. The marina facilities here are first class. The hard stand area is 70,000 sqm (that’s about 3 & 1/2 MCGs!). Apparently it will be full over winter, but in the meantime the marina decided to put on an end of summer concert, everyone invited. Cool! The facilities include a Yacht Club/Hotel complex, so it’s not a bad place to be doing the pack up. And I love the squadron of ducks that do a regular patrol of the marina. Obviously the water’s really clean.

It’s been a great trip, but we leave here tomorrow and are really looking forward to getting home and catching up on all the local goings on.
See you soon!